Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Long Past Due to Dismiss the Jodi Arias Case

It is getting worse and worse for the prosecution in the second penalty trial of Jodi Arias, as a defense computer expert has absolutely destroyed the prosecution regarding pornography on victim Travis Alexander's computer. Unfortunately, the jury didn't hear anything since this was a hearing.

Somebody fiddled with that computer after TA died, and the only ones who could have done it were those in the prosecutor's office.

The judge is so incompetent she will allow this farce to continue, leaving the dirty work to the appellate courts, but it should be booted out.

But the Alexander computer was turned on twice without using a write-blocker, Neumeister said, once the day after Alexander's body was discovered in June 2008 and again in June 2009, when the attorneys came to examine it.

Files were erased both times, he said, and when the machine was not turned off correctly, it suffered more data loss.

The machine was rife with viruses that are spread through viewing pornography, he said. The viruses themselves downloaded some porn files, an explanation offered by Martinez in motions. But there were others that were the result of searches. Neumeister found thousands of sites accessed when he entered search words like "teen."

And Martinez had the nerve to call Arias a liar in the original trial about walking in on Travis when he was masturbating to photos of young boys.

Stay tuned, folks.

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