Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Morrisongate Indeed

More dirt is coming out about the circumstances surrounding the departure of CMS superintendent (and former WCSD sup) Heath Morrison, including a report by the district's general counsel that Morrison be fired for misconduct:

The Oct. 30 report, obtained by the Observer, details allegations that Morrison lied to and misled the school board about the costs of a building project at UNC Charlotte, against the advice of his top lieutenants. It also describes numerous accusations of Morrison berating staff members and calling them names in front of colleagues.

Attorneys warned that the school district could be at risk of lawsuits related to Morrison’s “dishonesty and mistreatment of employees,” the report states.

The report gets better. You'd have thought Morrison was talking about Washoe County School District's principals, but it is merely CMS staff:

Morrison’s former assistant, Debi Baker, detailed numerous incidences in which Morrison publicly berated her and called her “stupid” and an “idiot,” the report says.

In one case, Morrison came to her desk and shouted at her about a presentation erased from a thumb drive, the report says. He then called his wife and told her he was surrounded by incompetents, called Baker “stupid” and talked about the “idiots” he worked with, the report says.

Other flashpoints involved travel arrangements. Baker was asked to send detailed parking directions for events, and if the lot was full, Morrison would call and yell, the report says. She also was required to research gyms in cities he would travel to. Morrison would call Baker upset if the quality of the gym wasn’t up to par, the report states.

Baker said she was in tears “almost every day” at work, the report says.

Stay tuned...

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