Sunday, November 23, 2014

News and So Forth

Obituary: One-time D.C. mayor Marion Barry, 78, has died.

As the article notes, he was a powerful mayor who went to prison on cocaine charges, and then staged one of the most miraculous comebacks in political history.

On Jan. 18, 1990, Mayor Barry was arrested in a Washington hotel room while smoking crack cocaine and fondling a woman who was not his wife. The arrest, videotaped in an undercover operation, caused a sensation, but it was hardly a surprise: The public had known of his womanizing for years, and there had been rumors of drug use. Nor was he a stranger to the bottle.

Convicted of a misdemeanor cocaine possession, Mr. Barry was sentenced to six months in prison. His fall from grace was especially poignant for those old enough to remember the bright promise and idealism of his youth.

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