Friday, November 21, 2014

News, Etc.

Accused serial rapist and sometime comedian/actor Bill Cosby went to the Bahamas to give a performance to a packed house.

It isn't known if the audience was there because they supported him or for novelty value.

It isn't every day that somebody this famous can be at the same time infamous.

Speaking of Cosby, most if not all of the old I Spy episodes have been illegally downloaded to YouTube. I hadn't watched this show in nearly fifty years, since I was a little girl. I took a look at a couple of episodes. I may wind up getting the series on DVD at some point. Cosby played a somewhat angry character or forceful character, depending on your point of view, but that might not have been acting, if you know what I mean.

Co-star Robert Culp, who wrote a number of the episodes including the first one, passed away in 2010 at the age of 79. He had gone for a walk at a hiking trail near his home, apparently collapsed and died from a heart attack, and fell to the ground.

Surprise! More proof as if we needed further proof the U.S. financial system is run by people who are nothing more than gangsters.

The deluge of allegations against Bill Cosby continues.

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