Monday, November 10, 2014

Oh, Oh Regarding the Morrison Departure

The CMS Board Chair wants the district attorney to investigate to find out just who it was who leaked details of Heath Morrison's departure from the district last week.

It's almost like it was an admission Morrison's departure wasn't truly voluntary but that the "family reasons" was just a cover story for the reality he was forced to resign or be fired.

McCray plans to work with the District Attorney. She said she has not yet spoken with anyone at the DA's office but plans to soon.

"I'm very concerned. It takes away the integrity of the board when you have someone on the board who is working against you. It really is a criminal act that was done,” said McCray.

The DA's office said once if it does receive a request from the board it would not be able to comment on a potential investigation.

I think what the board chair is driving at is she believes the confidentiality agreement was violated with the alleged leaks made to the media.

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