Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Referendum on Obama

That's the long and short of the midterms, and of course innocent and guilty Democrats are paying the price for this stupid shit in the White House. The GOP is deliriously happy with the results, but of course they don't REALLY want to govern, for no thinking person would put up with the shit they have been running on. The divided government suits these clowns just fine, and they will continue on their lazy asses "working" three days a week with at least nine months off during the year to prove "government" doesn't work for the "people" anymore.

Of course it doesn't. It's government of, by, and for the tiny number of financial elites.

I told readers of my misgivings of Obama way, way back in 2006 or 2007, and unfortunately I have been proven right.

The 2016 elections can't come soon enough for me, provided death doesn't come to me sooner. I'll be fucking 61 at that point. However, we may get a pair of dynastic types for the major two parties if that goddamned Jeb Bush becomes the GOP nominee.

You'd think people would learn after two president Bushes (actually one, since Cheney was the puppetmaster of the younger one) not to repeat the mistake a third time. But the landscape is totally different now. The GOP doesn't have to rig elections since both political parties are owned by the same crooks and billionaires and will do the same thing anyway to screw over the rest of us.

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