Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Articles to Read

The neoliberals are just tickled pink more and more Americans are falling into poverty, including those who were in jobs that once brought in a middle class way of life.


It's a mess in Ferguson, Missouri, now that a grand jury has refused to indict the cop responsible for killing an unarmed teenager named Michael Brown.

The media played a big role indeed in the coverup of Bill Cosby's misdeeds and crimes.

For decades, entertainers have been able to maintain custody of their image, regardless of their conduct. Many had entire crews of dust busters who came behind them and cleaned up their messes.

Those days are history. It doesn’t really matter now what the courts or the press do or decide. When enough evidence and pushback rears into view, a new apparatus takes over, one that is viral, relentless and not going to forgive or forget.

As I have said before on this blog, a college education is a very expensive and piss-poor substitute for a union card.

We have the neolibs' insane globalization agenda to blame for this.

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