Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Golden Boy of the Broad Academy is Now All Tarnished

There are lots and lots of conflicting images about departed CMS superintendent Heath Morrison. There was the image of the go-getter who quickly rose up the ranks despite or because of his youthful exuberance and capped his rise with a prestigious "National Superintendent of the Year" award.

And there was the other image. The image of a man, once the cameras were off and he was back at work, of a petty tyrant, screaming at employees and insulting them by calling them stupid, having meltdowns because he couldn't get a good enough parking spot.

It appears the Hyde Heath, not the Jekyll Heath, was closest to being the real one.

As noted in the article, the warning signs were all there during Morrison's regime in Reno. Lots and lots of people lived in fear of his wrath, some of them deserving it.

However, you can't be a rude little shit and expect for people not to push back.

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