Thursday, November 27, 2014

The ONLY Good Things from the Cosby Scandal

are that there is now a serious discussion about rape and other forms of sexual assault and an explanation why so many women are reluctant to come forward.

With Cosby, he wasn't unlike a pedophile in that he would groom these (mostly) very young women to trust him as a mentor, and then he would put a drug in their drinks so that they would be either unconscious or powerless to fight him off. Often, he would buy their silence with offering to pay their college tuitions or help them in their acting/modeling careers.

He isn't the first person who has done this and won't be the last. If not for a certain comedian who mentioned those allegations in a stand-up comedy routine to point out Cosby's hypocrisy, this scandal might not have ever taken off like it did.

Of course, these rapes/assaults happened over a period of many, many decades, beginning at around the time Cosby became internationally famous for starring in the classic television spy drama I Spy, the show for he will probably be best remembered, or at least more positively remembered (after all, you can't ignore the fact he was the first African American to star in a television dramatic series and won three Emmy awards for it). There was a history there, and he was enabled along the way by colleagues and even perhaps by his wife, though she lived clear across the country while he was screwing around and forcing himself on women in California and other parts of the country.

Hollywood, in fact, has been strangely silent for the most part about the scandal.

Even more disturbing is Cosby had so much power he was able to buy off media silence, even tabloids like the National Enquirer.

I suspect there will be a lot more news coming out in the coming days and weeks.

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