Monday, November 03, 2014

Unbelievable "Assisted Suicide" is Covered by Insurance

where this bullshit is legal:

Assisted suicide ultimately affects everyone's health care. In Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal and where Maynard moved to be prescribed the lethal dose, patients have been harmed.

In 2008, cancer patient Barbara Wagner was prescribed a chemotherapy treatment by her doctor, but Oregon's state-run health plan sent a letter which denied coverage of this chemo, yet offered to cover other "treatments," including assisted suicide.

The same scenario happened to another Oregon resident, Randy Stroup. The Oregon assisted suicide reports tell us that over 95% of those who supposedly received lethal prescriptions in Oregon had insurance, but how many got a denial like the one sent to Wagner and Stroup?

When assisted suicide is encouraged, it becomes a covered "treatment" and ultimately removes choices from patients.

It's not "freedom" at all but coercion and not acceptable as a medical treatment. It should be banned nationwide.

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