Monday, November 03, 2014

Why "Assisted Suicide" is a HORRIBLE Idea

People peddle the libertarian crap and promote a heartrending case without regard to the major issues that make this idea completely and totally unacceptable.

I used to support it, but now I am completely against it, especially now with the trends among politicians and health care "experts" saying we need to limit health care access to the poor and the middle class. Obamacare was one avenue, but there are many other ways this is being done.

Obamacare may be better than nothing, but if people can't the hell afford the premiums or the deductables, what the hell good is it, especially when people may have had employer-paid programs where they paid little or nothing for the coverage? These people wind up just like those on Medicaid who may have "free" insurance but can't find doctors to treat them. They have "coverage," but in reality they can't use it.

The disability rights people have ALWAYS been right about "assisted suicide"--legalized murder. After all, it isn't the terminally ill or mentally ill person who dishes out the poison or prescribes it--it's somebody else who is doing the dirty deed.

This has nothing to do with "left-right" politics and has everything to do with the human rights issue of not killing people because they are perceived as a "burden" to others.

The legalization of assisted suicide always appears acceptable when the focus is solely on an individual. But it is important to remember that doing so would have repercussions across all of society, and would put many people at risk of immense harm. After all, not every terminal prognosis is correct, and not everyone has a loving husband, family or support system.

As an advocate working on behalf of disability rights for 37 years, and as someone who uses a wheelchair, I am all too familiar with the explicit and implicit pressures faced by people living with chronic or serious disability or disease. But the reality is that legalizing assisted suicide is a deadly mix with the broken, profit-driven health care system we have in the United States.

At less than $300, assisted suicide is, to put it bluntly, the cheapest treatment for a terminal illness. This means that in places where assisted suicide is legal, coercion is not even necessary. If life-sustaining expensive treatment is denied or even merely delayed, patients will be steered toward assisted suicide, where it is legal.

Policymakers can't be trusted. HMOs can't be trusted. For-profit hospitals can't be trusted. Even doctors can't be trusted. Certainly relatives can't be trusted--especially if there is a hefty life insurance policy or an inheritance involved.

It's not acceptable, folks. I for one am sick of utilitarian nutjobs, who have no desire to revisit the old eugenics and the horrors of the twentieth century as to why "assisted suicide" and euthanasia aren't acceptable for people, peddling their filth.

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