Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Arne Duncan Continues to Overreach

One of the most batshit ideas he has come up with is "grading" colleges of education based on the test scores of students of graduates. It makes no sense.

Since when do other occupations base their pay on the actions of OTHERS? Since when should funding of colleges and universities be based on the actions of others?

He is totally abusing the funding process to put through destructive privatization efforts.

What these neolibs REALLY want to do is limit education access, period, in the insane belief that education's purpose is for job training, and the vast majority of jobs require little education beyond middle school. Teachers don't need to be highly trained, in their twisted book; hence, let's abolish colleges of education, especially in the public colleges and universities.

Even more to the point, neolibs want to abolish public colleges and universities.

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