Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hatred Towards Education Has ALWAYS Been About Sexism

When the vast majority of K-12 teachers, and a very large percentage of administrators, are women, and when the entire field is denigrated by both men and women, especially those in the "elite" fields, you goddamned right it's about hatred toward women in general.

And thus it always has been, but in the past at least it wasn't being used as formal federal policy to commit occupational genocide against an entire group of workers. Now it is, and these people don't even give a shit.

Of course they won't go after police and fire not just because those are male-dominated fields, but also because those fields are concerned with public safety. Them who has the guns has the power and all of that.

The ultimate goal, I believe, is to create a caste system of the very few people who will have any kind of education at all, and a mass of uneducated, even illiterate workers, and the return of child labor to facilitate that end. These neoliberals and billionaires are pure evil and would repeal the last 150-200 years of the United States if they succeed.

Key to this goal was infiltrating the Democratic Party via fakes like Obama, Booker, and Duncan.

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