Friday, December 12, 2014

How Is It Some Idiots Get Paid or Get Notoriety for Saying or Writing Something Stupid,

while many of us out here try to embark on writing careers and either can't get published or that we can't afford to strike out on our own? How is it that morons like this woman, who I never heard of before her outrageous statements defending rapists, are allowed a forum?

It's like trying to justify the lynching of black people when the KKK was running roughshod over the law.

Rape is actually a form of terrorism. It's long overdue that we take it seriously.

Nobody has the right to another's body without that person's consent. Men are NOT possessed with "uncontrollable urges" to have sex with anybody who walks, and it is NOT women's responsibility to either give in or have to fight them off. Women should NOT have their lives restricted because of some fear they will be raped.

I get so sick of this.

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