Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Hope the Bitch Gets Euthanized

This kind of thing is not unheard of, not with animal rights whackos or with malicious neighbors. Obviously this woman stole the dog from a very sick man, and then had the dog killed rather than pay for his veterinary care.

Or, more likely, she was covering up the evidence of the dog when police were closing in on her.

I hope she spends 10 years in prison, but it will no doubt be less than that for this bitch.

I hope the dog's owner sues the pants off of her and the veterinarian who did the dirty deed.

The woman is either batshit crazy or just plain evil:

Officer Hecker said that after placing two unanswered phone calls to Mrs. Paris, she went to her home, where she found Mrs. Paris in a back doorway with the husky behind her. When asked about the dog, Mrs. Paris said she had adopted him from the Animal Rescue League, Officer Hecker testified.

Mrs. Paris, however, could not provide documentation and “became very belligerent” and said she didn’t want to answer any more questions, Officer Hecker said.

“She seemed angry that I was questioning her,” Officer Hecker said. “She told me it was none of my business. ... She got in my face in a very threatening manner.”

Officer Hecker said she contacted Pittsburgh police Officer Christine Luffey and returned with her and other officers Feb. 11 to seize the dog.

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