Monday, December 08, 2014

It Ain't Natural, Folks

This statistic isn't one bit surprising. People aren't designed to be vegetarian or vegan. Their digestive systems reflect that reality. These animal "rights" people are crazy, and their half-baked "philosophy" makes NO sense whatsoever. In their demented world, animal "rights" people believe humans are just another animal with no special rights and considerations from other species, yet they advocate AR for "ethical" reasons, ethics being a concept unique to humans since animals operate entirely on instinct. People like the PETA crowd don't understand their guru, Peter Singer, espouses ideas that would fit in with Nazi Germany, such as the killing of disabled babies if their parents are not "happy" having "defective" children. He also has no qualms against bestiality.

In the old days before the hippie movement and the back-to-nature bullshit of the late 1960s or early 1970s, vegetarians and vegans were rightly regarded as weirdos and cranks. It's time the vast majority of people regard these people as the crackpots they are and marginalize them. The ones who commit violence in the name of "animals" need to go to prison as the terrorists they are.

Speaking of weirdos and cranks, Paul McCartney is doubtless suffering from years of dietary deficiency and marijuana abuse and is once again making a fool out of himself.

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