Friday, December 05, 2014

Just Because You Have a Lot of Money Doesn't Mean You are Smart

Billionaires should be paying far, far more in taxes instead of shafting the rest of us so they will have more. They also should refrain from commenting on any topic other than the topic of scamming the public for their own welfare.

In education, these "reformers" and billionaires are way, way out of their league.

Anybody who thinks principals should have MORE power over staff doesn't have a clue or couldn't care less that they have absolute, unchecked power over staff NOW and that teachers and others have virtually NO power in the relationship.

The problem, as I have written many, many times on this blog, is they are not supervised to any extent, and the temptation to abuse their power is great. When they screw up, which they so often do, they are backed to the hilt by the district and the legal system.

It takes a very mature, highly ethical person to be able to successfully do a principal's job.

Few of them can do it.

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