Saturday, December 06, 2014

Naive Woman

to believe that Congress would do a goddamned thing to help ANYBODY who isn't in the Wall Street-billionaire-neoliberal class, no matter how commonsense the proposal is.

What these corrupt individuals making up the U.S. Congress do is come up with some popular proposal, like this one about protections for pregnant women or like the repeal of WEP/GPO, write up a bill, and then have it bottled up in committee so the bill never, ever sees a vote.

If a bill helps the 99.999-percent of the American people or a substantial portion of that population, it will never be put into law.

People should get wise to the game this worthless Congress is pulling.

Then, after "working" for two years, with about 90 weeks of that two years being spent on vacations at taxpayer expense, the Tea Party types especially can campaign on the issue that government "doesn't work" for the citizens. This way they can get the frustrated and angry voters to vote for them AGAIN so they won't do a damned thing for another two years or six years all the while collecting bribes--er, contributions--from the rich bastards who own them and collecting salaries and pensions courtesy of the taxpayers.

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