Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Actor Ken Weatherwax, 59, best remembered as a child actor in the sixties TV sitcom The Addams Family, has died of a heart attack:

Following his role in The Addams Family, Weatherwax featured in several TV commercials and served in the army.

He also worked for Universal Studios as a grip - providing support to camera operatives - according to his niece Shanyn Viera.

In a 2007 interview on Fox News, Weatherwax said he enjoyed taking on the role of Pugsley but found it hard to find work because of typecasting.

Actress and one-time Miss America Mary Ann Mobley, 77, has died of breast cancer. She was married for many years to actor/talk show host Gary Collins, who died in 2012.

She also made documentaries of homeless and starving children in third world countries other than the United States.

Ayn Rand's boy toy, Nathaniel Branden, 84, who peddled her half-baked, nonsensical philosophy of "objectivism" even after he dumped her and his wife for another woman and later became a successful psychobabbleologist, died.

He was young and somewhat impressionable when he became one of the crackpot's noted "disciples," but the rather homely-looking, middle-aged woman took a shine to him for other reasons, despite both of them having spouses. They decided to put Rand's philosophy of "rational selfishness" on a whole new plane, embarking on a torrid affair, while their spouses sat on the sidelines trying to hide their disgust and embarrassment over the whole sordid mess.

The affair lasted for years and years until he found somebody way younger and way fresher, and the lout dumped both his wife Barbara and his idol Ayn in favor of this woman, whom he latter married (and divorced).

Don't get me wrong. Branden was probably a nice enough guy, at least in other ways, just not that way and during that time.

The only way the world knew about the December-May extramarital affair was because ex-wife Barbara Branden wrote about it in the 1980s in a book titled The Passion of Ayn Rand.. It was a good book.

As for Ayn, she retaliated in 1968 by booting both Brandens out of her cult, but they survived and thrived without her.

Nathaniel ended up peddling his brand of psychology and did well at it. He suffered from Parkinson's disease in his final years.

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