Sunday, December 07, 2014

Too Cold to Do Much of Anything

and that includes blogging. So far my new job is going well. It is great to get back in the classroom, even if I am not a teacher at this time. I was amazed I ever again worked a regular job in the field. I was just about ready to hang it up.

I am still volunteering at the place where I got the "training" at because I love to research and list books to sell. I have sold almost half of the books I have listed since I started listing books about six weeks ago. I have listed about 140 books so far. I have been coming in on Saturdays and working for about three hours. Yesterday I listed 15 books and already sold one.

The dogs are doing fine, even Sam with his CHF. I hope I have him around quite a while, and I could. I am not walking him like I used to anymore because it makes him breathe too hard--makes him wheeze--and I don't want to overtax him. At least he's a chihuahua so I can carry him while walking Duffy so he doesn't feel left out. He can also go out and do his business two or three times on our short walks.

It was too cold to do much of anything outside. I cannot tolerate Oregon winters; they are just too cold and damp, and the cold goes right through me. Living in Nevada for so many years affected me to where I have no tolerance for damp cold.

If I ever get my finances in order, I am getting out of this place for good and moving to where it is warmer in the winter. It may take me a few years before I am out of here, but out of here I must go.

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