Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday Miscellany

Had nothing but problems with my brother's computer in the past couple of days. It got too goddamned slow to do much blogging around here at all.

I am hoping to get my regular computer back up in running within the next three weeks. It will be nice, let me tell you. I have a tablet, but I can't do any blogging on it.

Here goes:

As we all know, the debris field of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 was found yesterday. A few of the bodies have been recovered so far, and the wreck itself apparently has been sighted.

It's a terrible thing, but at least the families of the victims know what happened, unlike Malaysia Flight MH 370. That plane will likely never be found given how vast the Indian Ocean is.

Obituary: Singer Dick Dale, 88, not to be confused with the 60s surfing musician of the same name, died the other day. He was a soloist for Lawrence Welk going back many decades. He was a familiar face and voice on Welk's long-running television program.

He moved with his wife to Iowa eight years ago.

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