Sunday, January 25, 2015

Appointing School Boards is a Lousy Idea

just like mayoral control or emergency managers. If you think cronyism and corruption are bad with school boards, it would be vastly worse with appointed people who would be nothing more than political hacks with an agenda.

With Washoe County School District, the mess with Pedro Martinez was just an opening for the privatizers to try and get a foothold and subvert democracy.

After all, they aren't about democracy at all. That's why they are so intent on abolishing public education.

It's all about education for the tiny number of elites, and no education for the rest of us.


There are instances where democracy is not always called for in choosing public jobs. A good case can be made that judges should be appointed so they follow the law rather than keep an eye on how rulings will play in the next election.

School board member is not such a job. If anything, more than most, this job should be selected by voters. People need a voice in how their neighborhood schools are run. Directly electing school board members does a better job of providing this voice than having a third party doing the selection.

Nevada’s poorly performing education system requires enough work this legislative session without getting distracted by efforts to fix a school board system that isn’t broken.

It's only "poorly performing" because there is high transience in the the state.

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