Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Whatever

I hope the animal "rights" crazies are defeated in this stupid court case.

They want everybody to be forced into veganism thanks to their insane cult.

I will be very surprised Traci Davis ever gets the permanent superintendent job at WCSD as she was Pedro Martinez's appointee.

That doesn't mean she shouldn't get the job, but I think the odds are against her actually getting it.

"State of delusion" ain't even the half of it.

Obama's always been a con man without any underlying principles at all.

Measles should be a thing of the past, but thanks to some anti-vaccination nutjobs, it's making a comeback.


Being the crook that he is, it's no surprise Jeb Bush is a disaster on education.

Both political parties are in bed with forces opposed to democracy and it's institutions.

The goal, of course is to force the children of the masses into sweatshop labor.


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