Saturday, January 31, 2015

From Mitt to Shit

Well, that mystery is out of the way.

Mitt is making way for a crook to be the GOP nominee.

It is astounding how, like a bad penny, the Bush family returns again.

Jeb is a million times worse than his addled brother George, who wasn't actually running the U.S. government anyway during the eight years he squatted in the Oval Office that really belonged to Al Gore. As we remember, Jeb, along with cronies like Katherine Harris, tried to steal Florida for his brother, but in the end, it was a bought-and-paid- for USSC that decided the election in 2000. Totally illegal, and the high court majority should have been impeached and run out of town, but nothing was done, of course.

Jeb Bush is a crook, pure and simple.

The United States of America is truly on the ropes and done for if he gets in the White House.

He can't be trusted to run a clean election.

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