Saturday, January 03, 2015

"Having It All" Was Always a Load of B.S.

As I wrote on this blog many times, the phrase was always a cruel lie given the way the vast majority of women lead their lives, so this article comes as no shock to me.

Although Helen Gurley Brown was credited with the phrase, she herself did not believe in it and absolutely hated that title for her 1982 self-help book. However, people more concerned with book sales overruled her, and the phrase stuck.

I was around then when the notion was all the rage. It had nothing to do whatsoever with feminism but the delusions of Mad Ave types. In reality, "having it all" was an impossibility, while DOING IT ALL was the reality given how shitty too many husbands acted regarding household responsibilities and child rearing.

On a related note, I have heard it said that because wives typically earn less than their husbands, they would do most or all of the housework to "balance out" the fact they earned less. This is without regard for how many hours out of the week household chores take. The notion is that the man makes more money not because of sex discrimination against women but that he works harder than his wife, so that justifies him acting like a lazy shit at home. The fact is, making more money shouldn't have anything to do with the division of housework. The time factor is.

Anyway, "having it all" deserves to be thrown into the garbage can because it is just another way to straitjacket women.

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