Monday, January 12, 2015

News of the Day

I feel like shit with this upper respiratory infection plus I had a bad attack of acid reflux, so I decided to take it easy today.


Obituaries: A pair of truly odd ones in that two of the last Tuskegee Airmen died on the same day, and they lived fairly close to each other.

Clarence Huntley was 91.

Joseph Shambrey was the same age.


Face it: Nobody had ever heard of her before she bagged George. She isn't any more "accomplished" than any other lawyer or shyster on the planet. I suspect her "accomplishments" were in the line of doing legal research on cases like Enron. She sure as hell wasn't any kind of lead attorney on any prominent case but likely an assistant counsel. I'd have been far more impressed with him if he had picked somebody close to his own age--not 17 years his junior--regardless of the occupation of the woman.

Worship of women who are in male-dominated fields and calling them "accomplished" as opposed to us poor slobs who are relegated to pink-collar or blue-collar occupations has always been the Achilles heel of so-called "feminism." I get sick of the elitism.

Amal is strictly a trophy wife who probably can "give" him kids sometime down the road. George could have found somebody much older who "accomplished" a lot more and didn't look like a fashion model.

I would welcome such a reissue pointing out just what is wrong with "physician-assisted" suicide, in other words, murder.

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