Friday, January 16, 2015

Out of His Depth

Nevada's governor Brian Sandoval gave his state of the state address last night, where he clearly showed he didn't know shit about education. He had a laundry list of ridiculous proposals including scrapping collective bargaining for the teacher associations, which are basically worthless anyway, more charter schools, and the appointment of former WCSD superintendent Pedro Martinez to a state job.

From what I can gather, Martinez is already there, and one of the proposals of Sandoval's is to turn the entire state of Nevada into New Orleans with an idiotic "recovery"-like school district which will further scapegoat low-income students.

Sandoval also wants to get rid of elected school boards, which has absolutely no chance of becoming reality.

The only idea that makes sense is breaking up the largest school districts into smaller ones.

In short, Sandoval is completely out of his depth in education.

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