Sunday, January 25, 2015

Parents Should Be Charged With Child Neglect

Any parent who fails to vaccinate his or her children should be criminally charged. I am not kidding. To hell with idiotic beliefs about vaccines and autism, which there is NO link--this is about public safety, pure and simple.

There is NO excuse this day and age for any parent not vaccinating his or her child from infectious diseases that were rampant when I was a little kid. The only exception is parents whose kids CANNOT be vaccinated because of health reasons.

My mother told me I had measles when I was around three years old. Now I don't know if that was actually measles--probably it was, since I was born before 1957--or whether it was rubella. I might have had both. I was too young to remember it. I DO know I had the mumps in first grade back in 1961. I missed an entire week of school because of it and had to do makeup homework. I had chickenpox during the spring of 1968 and was out for two freaking weeks. It was horrible. I will never forget those scabs and the constant itching as the scabs fell off. I don't wish that crap on ANYBODY. As everybody knows, once you get the chickenpox, the virus stays in your system for the rest of your life and may return in the form of shingles.

Of course, these diseases occurred years before there were vaccines that prevented those diseases from occurring. They have become increasingly rare over the decades. That is, until these anti-vax idiots started doing their propaganda campaign against them.

Doctors are clear: the measles vaccine works especially well, it's safe, and everyone should get it. People who are not vaccinated are at high risk if they come into contact with people who have measles—it has a 90 percent transmission rate, and it can be deadly.

And while measles is rare and unlikely to affect most Americans, it's important to protect the weakest and most vulnerable, doctors say: babies too young to have been vaccinated yet, and people who for various reason cannot be vaccinated.

It's funny in a way as a baby boomer to read how "rare" measles is, but it's the truth. Measles was nearly eradicated in the United States and seemed to be going the way of smallpox and polio, but then these goddamned idiots started grabbing the narrative against vaccination.

I do think it should be a crime for parents not to have their kids vaccinated unless those kids have a demonstrated allergy or serious reaction to vaccinations. But those are rare.

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