Sunday, January 25, 2015

Time for that Good Old Divide-and-Conquer Routine

If politicians like Rand Paul are upset with some people getting something for nothing, he really should be looking in the mirror.

The most worthless shits are members of Congress.

It's all propaganda, of course. Paul, unless he is a blithering idiot, doesn't actually believe what he is spewing, but it gets some people all mad at other people while the people Paul REALLY represents, the rich, can continue to steal from the rest of us.

The ONLY reason there is an increase in disability claims is because of a change of demographics as baby boomers become too old to be able to work. Of course, just because somebody applies for disability doesn't mean he or she will get it. People very often don't. It all depends on the ALJ a person gets for the hearing after navigating the system for at least two years.

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