Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trans Weird Airheads

It's true.

Oh, barf. Bruce Jenner must be auditioning for a remake of the 1980 turkey Can't Stop the Music, which he starred (with Valerie Perrine and the Village People) in the male lead. Sorry, Bruce, you will never be Valerie Perrine.

And yes, he did play a man in the movie because he was and is and always will be a man.

Jenner in his youth was so good-looking and had so much going for him. As everybody knows, he was an Olympic champion in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He was as famous as fellow Olympian Mark Spitz, but unfortunately he has been far more self-destructive over the years. Jenner has had three marriages, six kids, and one of those marriages was to a Kardashian. In other words, he had some strikes against him.

Somewhere along the line, Bruce got screwed up in the head. I have seen pictures of him smoking, which doesn't do much for the body and for the looks, and now he wants to "transition" into being something he will NEVER be? It's sad, and it's sick.

Enough is enough with this "transgender" crap. It needs to go the way of lobotomies.

Only in the tiny number of physical defects should this surgery EVER be performed, but, as we know with the David Reimer case, there are risks with doing it even then.

This "transgender" crap should have died with George Jorgensen.

One of the books I am starting to read is The Man Who Would Be Queen, a book written about a dozen years ago, and where the author of the book has literally gotten death threats because he dared to expose the truth about transpeople or whatever you want to call them by classifying the "male-to-female" [sic and sick] variety as to their motives for mutilating themselves.

It's a short book and an easy read.

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