Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday Whatever

Andrew Sullivan has decided to ditch blogging and go back to real life.


Obama wants to fuck up Medicare, and I hope he doesn't get away with it.

Speaking of fuck-ups, Zeke Emanuel is at it again about wanting to ration health care.

He is about as repellent as Peter Singer and maybe even more dangerous:

He is a long-time advocate of reducing health care costs by rationing medical care based on the “free market” operation of the for-profit health care system. Those who follow his musings will recall that his theories took on a macabre form last September when he penned a piece for the Atlantic titled “Why I Hope to Die at 75.”

In that article, he argued that valuable dollars should not be wasted on medical services for the elderly, a group who, in his opinion, are insufficiently “vibrant” in their advanced age and have little in the way of creative powers to offer society. He bemoaned the fact that today’s health care system has “slowed the dying process.”

He builds on these misanthropic concepts in his latest piece, broadening them to encompass the general adult population. He recommends that the estimated 45 million Americans who normally have a routine annual physical forgo the visit.

This fucking idiot wants people who aren't rich to die.

How is he even GIVEN any kind of forum to spew such eugenic rot?

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