Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Quack Idea Bites the Dust

Years ago, probably 30 or 35 years ago, Consumer Reports had a long piece about the flaws in the cholesterol theory. Their biggest criticism, as I remember, had to do with making links between diet and disease when in fact it is difficult to isolate diet since it varies constantly from day to day. Even before that article I had been suspect of any of the nutrition gurus because they always seemed to be peddling quackery in order to promote a food faddism agenda.

Facts really aren't important to them, whether it is fat shaming people because they don't conform to a certain body size, whether it's peddling vegetarianism or veganism, or whether it's to peddle hysteria over cholesterol.

The federal government has decided to ditch the cholesterol nonsense once and for all.

Anytime somebody promotes a diet that supposedly combats disease or prolongs life, proceed with caution. It's a good indication somebody is a food faddist with an agenda.

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