Friday, February 27, 2015

Obituary: Leonard Nimoy

Yet another television icon has died. Leonard Nimoy, 83, forever remembered as the Vulcan "Spock" in the Star Trek television series, passed away from end-stage COPD.

Nimoy, who had an ideal speaking voice thanks to having come from Boston, often was called to narrate specials and documentary programs. He also tried his hand at directing.

However, he never could escape being typecast as the Vulcan, but it provided him with a good living.

Nimoy was married twice and had two children.

Many years ago, he was a grand marshal at southern Oregon's Pear Blossom Festival. He was famous, but nowhere near as famous as the 1960 pair of grand marshals, Jack and Jackie Kennedy.

He was featured at the parade during the middle of his stint on Star Trek, in 1967:


It was his only public appearance as Spock.

He also made a number of record albums, a few songs of which got highlighted in the classic Golden Throats series. He couldn't sing for shit, but he could afford to be lousy even if our ears couldn't afford the onslaught.

Case in point:

Granted, Nimoy wasn't as bad as Star Trek co-star William Shatner, but that is damning Nimoy with the faintest of praise.

Or whatever.

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