Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Reads

Personal note: It looks like I will get my desktop computer fixed this week, now that I finally have enough money to actually get the repairs done.

Outside of getting sick as hell, things are looking better for me. Thank God I live out in the western U.S. instead of back east. I couldn't take it back there.

I don't know how anybody could.

It looks like the idiot GOP is trying to play the Kenya or Muslim card on Obama, when criticism of him being a damned fake Democrat would be more apt.


I downloaded a copy, since hard copies of this book are still a bit too expensive and have to be ordered overseas or I would have to pay over forty dollars for it on Amazon, Sheila Jeffreys' book called Gender Hurts. She picks up where Janice Raymond left off in her book The Transsexual Empire, with both authors having long since been vilified by the trans mob since they dare tell the truth about the insane trans movement, a movement that is completely and totally anti-feminist and anti-woman. As I was reading this book, I was struck by how far feminism has fallen now that the degenerate ideas of "queer theory" and "postmodernism" have subverted it to the point it is totally unrecognizable from what it was forty years ago. It is a hell of a note that feminists who dare speak out against transgender nonsense and condemn the medical profession's involvement in mutilating healthy bodies to treat mental disorders are called "radical." In reality, what they are saying is common sense.

Anyway, this book is one hell of a book. I am already halfway done with it.

Along those lines, I say amen. The trans know deep down they aren't a legitimate minority group but a group of screwed-up people who want people to support something that is not morally defensible.

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