Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thanks, Bruce, For Nothing

While biological women, you know, the real ones, continue to have their rights trampled upon here and all over the world, we are supposed to be more concerned with a tiny number of people who have delusions of being the opposite sex and demand that the public accept their delusions as reality.

Truly sick.

I seriously doubt there are 700k trans in the country. People using that figure are likely including crossdressers in the mix. There are very, very few people who go so far as to undergo surgical mutilation and risky hormone treatments in order to act out an offensive, sexist stereotype.

I have railed against this stuff time and again. It never should have been allowed to begin with.

As for Bruce, I think he has more important things to worry about. It appears he didn't have a cellphone in hand when he was involved in that tragic Malibu accident last Saturday.

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