Thursday, February 05, 2015

Too Many Nutjobs Are Distorting the Public Narrative

Not all of them are on the political right, either, though there are a bumper crop of those.

We have the libertarians or neolibs with their demented, self-centered cult, which is destroying lives and polluting political discourse.

We have the animal rights nutjobs who have subverted animal welfare groups and beliefs in order to ban animal domestication and to force everybody to adopt a crackpot diet and lifestyle that is unnatural for humans.

We have the "men's rights" groups trying to go mainstream though what they are really about is hatred for women.

We have the "transgender" movement trying to normalize a deviant behavior and unethical surgeries and hormone treatments through outright lies about sex and "gender," basically reducing the biological realities of "male" and "female" to a feeling, which they are not.

We have the anti-GMO crowd, which sees Monsanto under every bed and never mind the reality that genetically modified food has ALWAYS been around.

And then there are the anti-vaxxers. Well, at least THIS group is falling on hard times now with the measles epidemic.

They still haven't stopped peddling their crapola:

So how do anti-vaxxers respond to all this? Looking at anti-vaccination and non-vaccination online forums, many on motherhood and pregnancy sites, opinions range from dismissal to anger. Some blame the media and the medical industry for blowing the outbreak out of proportion or willfully concealing the real culprit — of which several are posited. There's frustration for being called ignorant. There's acceptance that a child might get measles, but there's also worry that he or she could spread it to vulnerable others.

Since these women, and they are mostly women, are as a group too young to have experienced measles firsthand, they have no clue at all what a MISERABLE disease this and similar childhood diseases were and are.

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