Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Why Is Measles a Threat Now

when it should have gone the way of polio and smallpox?

This video explains it:

One gets sick and tired of the narcissistic morons who can't seem to get it in their thick skulls that it isn't about them or their kids--it's about OTHERS' kids and the moral duty to vaccinate your kids when a vaccine is available.

Trust me: It is NOT fun to have measles or any of the other infectious diseases that are now increasingly rare.

Some facts about measles can be found here

Pay close attention to the chart. When I was a young girl in 1963, measles cases totaled some 400,000 a year. It was down to nearly zero by 2000. The uptick we are currently experiencing is cause for alarm and can be entirely attributed to stupid parents not vaccinating their kids absent age or health reasons for not doing it.

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