Thursday, March 26, 2015

Absolutely Heinous

It indeed was murder. We now know the co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525 deliberately crashed the plane when the captain had left the cockpit and then could not get back in.

The murderer was identified as 28-year-old Andreas Gunter Lubitz.

It is stating the obvious that another crew member needs to be in the plane if one of the pilots needs to step out to use the restroom or there are health issues.


The inquiry shows that the crash was intentional, Mr. Robin said, and he was considering changing his investigation from involuntary manslaughter to voluntary manslaughter.

He said there was no indication that it was a terrorist attack, and added that Mr. Lubitz was not known to law enforcement officials. After the news conference, the German interior minister, Thomas de Maizière, told reporters in Berlin that security officials had checked their records after Tuesday’s crash and found no indication that anyone on board had links to terrorism.

Just unreal.

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