Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Did Robert Durst Kill Even More People?

Last night on HLN that awful Dr. Drew Pinsky was making all kinds of excuses for serial killer Robert Durst because it appears Durst is on his final legs of his long journey of freedom from the authorities. That is because Durst in all likelihood will never serve much in the way of time for the murder of Susan Berman, should he be convicted. He may never even stand trial because, according to Durst's lawyer, he is suffering from esophageal cancer, one of the most lethal cancers out there. It is the cancer that killed Humphrey Bogart when he was just 57 years old back in 1957. Treatments haven't increased the cure rate much since.

This type of cancer happens mostly to men and smokers. Very few people survive it. Most victims die within a year of diagnosis.

Anyway, Pinsky was all upset because he felt the HBO special was solely responsible for the authorities finally getting on the case. He feels sorry for Durst because Durst is nuts. But he was always off his rocker, in large part because he was a pothead and a cokehead in addition to Asperger or whatever his lawyers said he had. Besides, the illnesses he is suffering now have no bearing on what he allegedly did 15 to 30-plus years ago.

Pinsky sure as hell didn't show any sympathy for Jodi Arias when it was clear she was a victim of domestic abuse and killed Travis Alexander in self-defense.

Once a sexist, always a sexist, I suppose.

Now, there are more allegations coming forth that Durst may have killed other people, with the latest allegation dating back 44 years.

I kind of have my doubts, but you never know with this guy.

In any case, he is never going to do much time for any killing because he has very little time left. He is extremely frail now. He likely "confessed" in the bathroom because he KNEW his time was short anyway.

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