Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Reads and So Forth

Why should any of us be surprised that Chile's "free market" crap on schools is a complete failure and produces inequality?

Inequity or inequality IS the goal of neoliberalism. It's all about creating a handful of rich and everybody else peasants.

The ‘Chilean Miracle’ – like the ‘New Orleans Miracle’ – it seems, is not a miracle of student growth, achievement, equity, and high quality education for all. Rather, it is a miracle that a once protected public good was finally exploited as a competitive private market where profit-seeking corporations could receive a greater and greater share of public tax dollars.

It is also a miracle that such profit-seeking private companies and corporations, including publishing giants that produce educational materials and tests, have managed to keep the target of accountability on teachers and schools and not on their own backs.

Their treasure trove of funding – state and federal tax monies – continues to flow even as their materials, technological innovations, products, services, and tests fail to provide positive results.

Ya think the co-pilot of the Germanwings crash was mentally unfit?

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