Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hung Jury

There will be no death penalty for Jodi Arias as the jury could not reach an agreement on a penalty. Now an incompetent judge will have the ball in her court, and Arias and her family will have a long, long road ahead with regard to appeals.

A death sentence would have made a reversal of the original ridiculous verdict more likely. Now with her life no longer at stake, it will be much harder for her. She and her family will have to raise major dollars for a good appellate lawyer to get the bullshit guilty verdict tossed out. Judges usually are loath to overturn findings of fact by juries, even if those facts weren't facts at all.

Sentencing date is April 13, presumably this year.

One brave juror stood her ground and believed this case wasn't a death penalty case. According to her husband, she was pressured to changing her vote by the idiots who already had made up their minds before the retrial started.

She refused, of course, and I expect her to get death threats.

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