Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Remember the Old Days When Men Were Men and Women Were Women?

Thanks to the transgender political bullshit of the past two decades or so, women at least are now reduced to a sociological construct instead of a biological reality.

The end result of fake women (and the very few fake men) is the annihilation of (biological) women as a protected class.

Transgenderism is one of the most anti-woman concepts ever to come down the pike.

Enough is fucking enough with this crap.

Thanks to the huge outcry over Planet Fitness's catering to an aberrant (and very tiny) minority at the expense of real women's privacy and safety, there are the beginnings of a long-overdue backlash against this completely wrongheaded and medically unethical trans garbage.

The irony of this video, of course, is a man in a dress who calls himself Zoey Tur talking about another man in a dress invading the women's locker room and doesn't seem to understand that impersonating women is totally offensive to (more than) half of the human race. He also doesn't seem to understand he, too, is totally fucked up in the head like the cross-dresser who at least isn't calling himself a woman:

Dr. Drew Pinsky, as always, is a clueless fuck. If he thinks men going around hacking off their genitalia and calling themselves "women" is okay, let him prance around in blackface makeup and call himself African American. See how far he gets with the impersonation.

That's how absolutely offensive this transgender crap is. It's not normal behavior at all. Mental illness should not be treated surgically. The surgeries and hormone treatments should have died out with George Jorgensen (trans surgeries, as Sheila Jeffreys noted in her excellent Gender Hurts book, originated to "cure" men of their homosexuality).

Psychosurgery has an ugly history, but when there is money to be made, why not hack off healthy body parts and put people through risky hormone treatments?

Women need to strike back hard against this outrage. Not only should they boycott Planet Fitness, but they should also boycott organizations that aid and abet trans crap, including the ACLU.

The ACLU has LONG been against women. Hell, it's unrecognizable as any kind of liberal organization, as evidenced by their recent embrace of the bullshit to abolish "tenure" for K-12 teachers.

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