Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sure I Am Going to Wait Until I Am 70

The top-selling book on Amazon is this book trying to con people to take Social Security at 70 or even later. This despite the fact many people like yours truly can't do it because of the inability to get full-time work.

The book sounds like a load of b.s. directed at the very rich who can afford to take the benefits later.

The "newspaper of record" has a book review or blurb of sorts, and of course the comments are better than the article and probably the book.

The book sounds like one-percenter horse manure. It doesn't apply if you have never married and you find yourself underemployed.

Edit: Okay. I downloaded the book and found only about two chapters applied to my situation at all. I am supposed to wait until I am 70 to take SS, and there was a chapter on the truly evil WEP/GPO. Since I get such an itty-bitty pension from Nevada and started getting it at 56, WEP won't fuck me up as badly than if I had waited until I was 65 to collect the full pension amount.

At least I did something right in this "expert's" eyes.

The book is still geared toward the well-off and not based on the real situations of most people.

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