Saturday, March 21, 2015

That Texas Jury Certainly Lost Its Head When It Acquitted Robert Durst

I followed this outrageous case for many years, as can be seen by all of these posts I have made going clear back to 2003. I just can't believe he got away with killing somebody that he admitted killing, but as I recall, the jury acquitted Durst for two reasons. One reason was it was impossible to determine whether Durst indeed killed Morris Black in a premeditated fashion since the head was never recovered. The jury felt it had no choice but to let the killer go because its members felt the prosecutors couldn't make a case for first-degree murder without the head. Simple logic would tell you, though, that the reason Durst hid the head so it wouldn't be found was so that it would make it next to impossible to determine the exact cause of death. The second reason was that the jury was hamstrung. Most if not all of the jury didn't buy his story of self-defense, but they couldn't convict Durst of a lesser charge because of the fact the jury could only either acquit him or convict him of Murder One. They couldn't convict him of manslaughter, negligent homicide, or Murder Two. It was all or nothing. So, Durst walked.

Durst always stayed one step ahead of the game. Apparently he was planning to flee to Cuba at the time he got arrested a few days ago for the 2000 murder of close friend Susan Berman. At least there was no bail this time.

Given how frail this man is, even if he is convicted, and the handwriting samples are certainly as damning as anything that's ever come down the pike, he won't be around much longer. I heard old Dr. Drew Pinsky comment the other night, being almost an apologist for this serial killer while trashing domestic violence victims like Jodi Arias, that Durst appeared to have symptoms consistent with Parkinson's disease. Of course he didn't say Durst had the disease because that would be diagnosing somebody he didn't examine. He just gave his opinion about it. From the clips from the recent HBO documentary about the case, The Jinx, Durst looks like he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

In addition to the HBO documentary, which I haven't seen but intend to get the DVD if and when it comes out, there are a few others. Here are a couple of them:

Now I have heard he may be involved in the disappearance of two women in the northern California area in around the same time as the Berman/Black killings.

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