Friday, March 06, 2015

The Day After the Hung Jury

The freaks and weirdos who claim they support Travis Alexander and his family were out in full force yesterday and today, whining that Jodi Arias, somebody who never had any criminal past, and most likely didn't commit a crime when she killed Alexander in self-defense in June of 2008, will remain alive rather than dead.

Who the fuck is that goddamned sick they want somebody dead and create even MORE grief for more people?

I have never said much about TA's family when I made extensive comments about the trial two years ago, but enough is goddamned fucking enough with the wailing and tears. He's been dead for seven years, for shit's sake. Get a clue and stop with the professional victim card.

Here is the mistrial being declared by the incompetent Judge Sherry Stephens, who will no doubt sentence Jodi Arias to life without parole on April 13 so that she won't lose re-election as a judge:

Note the wailing from the Alexander sisters, right on cue. What sick fucks are these women that they would cry because somebody's life was spared, especially given the fact their brother was a liar, a cheat, a pervert, a business failure, a porn addict, a kiddie porn addict, an abuser, and a general all-around fraud who was a psychological train wreck?

If Jodi had been acquitted, like she should have been (hell, she never should have been charged in the first place), I could understand the tears, but this shit after the penalty phase? Spare me, please. This is fucking sadistic.

Now contrast this display with the actions of the family of murder victim Jay Orbin, whose case was another one out of Arizona and was actually prosecuted by Juan Martinez's shack-up Treena Kay back in 2009. That case was far, far worse. This was actually a premeditated murder by Orbin's wife (technically ex-wife) Marjorie, who shot him, froze him, chopped his head, arms, and legs off, removed all of his internal organs, and left his torso in a Rubbermaid container where his remains could be found by authorities after he was reported missing. This was so she could cash in on hundreds of thousands of dollars in life insurance. She was tired of Jay, a really nice guy without a mean bone in his body, who she regarded as nothing more than a sperm donor for their son Noah, so it was time to get rid of him. She would get little money other than child support if the two actually separated, so she thought weeks or even months ahead of time she was going to kill him. Marjorie didn't know she couldn't collect a life insurance policy if there was no body unless he had been legally declared dead--which would have to be seven years after he was reported missing. She got rid of him and eventually got arrested, tried, and convicted of this heinous crime. Orbin's family, who went through much hell seeing justice carried out, acted with total class throughout. When Marjorie was spared death and got life without parole, the family was perfectly okay with it because they didn't want their nephew or grandson's mother put to death. They didn't cry their eyes out on cue and wail, and they sure as hell didn't go on Twitter or Facebook calling for the heads of the jurors because they chose to spare her life.

The Alexander family could learn a lot about courtroom decorum from the Orbins.

Do I ever agree with this blogger.

It will take many years for Jodi Arias to walk free, and probably not until it goes to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I may be dead by the time that happens.

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