Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WCSD Board of Trustees: The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

No matter if some of the faces are different. The Washoe County School District is still run by a bunch of idiots, save for one person yesterday who said there was no rush in appointing interim superintendent Traci Davis "permanently" as superintendent. The district still has the same idiot lawyers, the same people who have conflicts of interest galore on the Board, and none of them have learned a goddamned thing from the Pedro Martinez fiasco that laws have to be followed.

This is the SECOND time poor Traci Davis has been publicly humiliated. The last time, as some will recall, is when the Board was looking at appointing an interim superintendent, and Board members Barbara Clark (since ousted) and Barbara McLaury were instead considering an old crony from WCSD who had just retired from a Montana superintendent job to do the job that should have gone to Davis, then deputy superintendent, without any debate at all. It was truly despicable, all of it going on in a public meeting, but this is what you have in that school district and in that state when it comes to public school jobs. It's all about the connections, all about the family ties, and to hell with who can best do the job if that person has the requisite qualifications to do it.

The local paper also didn't like this latest stunt by the Board.

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