Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where in the HELL Are the Parents in This?

Probably encouraging it, because, after all, there's money to be made out of exploiting a confused young man's mental illness:

This is batshit INSANE. In a sane world, parents who allow or actually push this kind of crap would be jailed on child abuse charges.

This boy is only 14 years old, but here he is being used by the trans crowd as some kind of poster child for "transgender" instead of going through the psychotherapy he obviously needs for his body dysphoria.

It isn't unheard of for adolescents or even younger children to have some confusion as to their sex, but they almost always outgrow it. Thanks to the weirdos, fetishists, and woman haters who make up the trans crowd, they encourage completely unethical and probably dangerous hormone treatments and surgery in order to fuel their deranged political movement.

And of course far too many people in the medical and psychiatric fields encourage this because there is money to be made.

Edit: Researching this matter further, it's possible the kid is merely being exploited by his parents rather than him actually having a mental illness. Apparently these lousy excuses for parents have been "transitioning" him since he was SIX YEARS OLD.

Somebody needs to prosecute these parents. This is an outrage.

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