Friday, April 03, 2015

Another Example of Being Teacher of the Year is a Career Killer

The Oregon Teacher of the Year for 2014 is now in the unemployment line.

If you are considered too outspoken, oftentimes school districts will find any reason at all to sack you.

Just because you win awards doesn't make you immune from termination.

Of course he will fight it:


MESD Interim Superintendent Jim Rose called the decision a difficult one.

“Unfortunately, it became clear over time that Brett’s focus was no longer his classroom and students, as evidenced by excessive time away and distraction during class time,” Rosd said. “Brett was no longer giving his students his best efforts.”

Bigham said he, his lawyer Matthew Ellis, and the Oregon Education Association, the union representing MESD teachers, plan to contest the termination.

It sounds like he's going to contest it through the administrative process. He might have luck there in order to get his job back.

If he doesn't, he can sue in civil court and get a nice payout.

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