Friday, April 17, 2015

Clueless Propaganda

The piece is just another teacher-hating piece of propaganda that is similar to the trash that is leveled against teacher education programs in order to deprofessionalize teaching and administration. I really think this guy, like Eli Broad, believes MBAs should be running schools. I mean, MBAs do such a great job in private business, right?

Never mind the reality of the school workplace and that schools are not businesses and can't be run on business models. Never mind the problem isn't so much with lousy people being principals but with a system that does not allow close supervision of principals, who in turn very easily abuse their power. As I mentioned before, let the individual school staff pick the person as a lead teacher or site administrator, and then decide whether that person remains the lead teacher at the end of the school year. That, plus abolishing collective bargaining for principals, would take care of the rampant abuse of power in school districts across the country. Right now it takes virtually an act of Congress to fire a school principal.

Education is unique in that the people who are in it for the kids, teachers, don't typically rise up in the ranks. They want to remain in the classroom because that is where their love is.

No "reform" is going to change these realities.

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