Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat

It's no surprise at all that murder defendant Susan Monica, 66, of Rogue River, Oregon, was found guilty in the deaths of two handymen who she shot and then fed most of their remains to her beloved pigs.

She was sentenced to a minimum of 50 years. The judge noted that Monica seemed to care much more about her pigs than she did about people.

The 66-year-old Monica sat quietly as jurors in the Jackson County courtroom reeled off unanimous verdits on two counts each of murder and abuse of a corpse. She was charged in the shooting death and dismemberment of 59-year-old Stephen Delicino n the summer of 2012 and handyman Robert Haney in September 2013.

Monica noted that whenever she shot her animals, she always shot them more than once, much to the shock of the courtroom observers.

It takes all kinds in this world, I guess.

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